Electronic Services

Direct Deposits or Withdrawals (ACH or EFT)

Having direct deposit and automatic loan payment transfer qualifies you for loan rate discounts, an easy way to save money. So if you have any recurring source of income, get started on converting it to direct deposit today. Talk with your employer’s payroll office. If it involves Social Security, call them directly at 1-800-772-1213. If you need additional help or have questions you can call us at any of our three locations. 989-893-2831, 989-684-4200, or 989-624-9344.

When initiating an electronic transaction please provide the following information to facilitate the correct posting of your payment or deposit.

  • Great Lakes Federal Routing Number: 272476912

  • Your member number and account suffix.  If you are unsure of your account suffix please contact us for assistance at 989-893-2831, 989-684-4200, or 989-624-9344.
  • Then indicate to the vendor whether it is savings or checking.

Payroll Deduction

There are some employers who will deduct specific dollar amounts out of your paycheck so that only a portion would be automatically deposited. This is done either through electronic means or by a check from your employer that includes all the employee’s payroll deductions in one report. So visit your payroll department today to see which options are available to you.

Automatic Transfers

If you have any recurring direct deposit, we are able to set up automatic transfers to your accounts or family accounts, or even make loan payments upon receipt of the funds. We can also transfer from funds already on deposit any day of the month you choose, or on the due date of your loan. This will give you peace of mind knowing your loan payments will be made on time, and you are making continuous contributions to any other account of your choosing.

Payments by Phone

If you are making a check payable to anyone over the phone, make sure you know who you are talking to. If they called you, ask the caller questions that only the real business would know before giving them your financial institution account information. You have the option of using the information at the bottom of your check for a check by phone payment or by using your Mastercard debit card or Visa credit card.

Wire Transfers

When you want to have money wired INTO your account at Great Lakes Federal, you will need the following information:

Wire to: Alloya Corporate Federal Credit Union of Warrenville, IL ABA#2724-7807-5
Further credit to: Great Lakes Federal Account # 2724-7691-2
Final credit to: Your name and your savings or checking account number

When you want to have money wired OUT OF your account at Great Lakes Federal, you will need to visit any credit union branch with the following information:

Wire to: Name and address of Receiving Financial Institution and their ABA#
Further credit to: If applicable, name, address, and account number
Final credit to: Recipients name, and savings or checking account number