Web Connection

It's Me 247 LoginYour Web Connection It’s Me 247 is a secure and convenient way to manage your accounts online. Once you sign up you can view all of your account information, from savings and checking accounts to certificates, loans, and credit card accounts. You can even see images of canceled checks with a click of the mouse and can give your accounts “nicknames” to make it easier to keep track of them. You can apply for a loan, purchase a certificate of deposit, and set up your direct deposit to automatically distribute from one account to another.

Connection Home Banking

To see all of the features and bells and whistles of our new home banking product, go to http://Itsme247.com/help where everything will be explained in great detail. All of the functions of the product will be listed although not all will be available at this time.

Then you can get to our online access by selecting the It’s Me 247 logo and signing in. Passwords have temporarily been reset to the last four digits of the primary member’s social security number to allow for the change in our data processor as your previous information has not been transferred to our new vendor. You can then reuse the previous password, as you will be required to change it the first time you sign in.

You can even monitor the previous activity on your account by viewing the usage statistics. Each line represents a session where you were logged into online banking and includes the date and time so you can check this against the last time you were online as an added security feature..

Personalizing the screen gives you confidence “It’s Me” when you log in to your online banking. You can choose the picture that appears in the top right-hand corner and the color theme in the background. Choosing a “Lite” theme for slower downloading speed and “High Contrast” for larger print in black and white that is easy on the eyes. You can also choose which page you want as your first page when you log in.

It's Me 247 Login

System Requirements

Remember security requirements are always changing, so these too will change. If you are having trouble accessing online banking features, the first step is to always upgrade your browser software.

Internet browser software, such as the latest version of Internet Explorer, version 7.0 or higher is recommended, or Mozilla Firefox. Web TV is NOT supported.
The browser must have session cookies and JavaScript enabled.
The browser must use 128-bit encryption.

Please refer to http://Itsme247.com/help in verifying this information if you are unable to access the online banking system.

Sign Up

We ask you three questions that are used to help you reset your password if you forget it. Then, by answering the question your password will be emailed to your address on record. You can even set up your personal internet branch profile to require that you answer one of the questions in order to log on as an extra layer of security. Check the “Hide my typing” checkbox to type those answers as asterisks.

eStatements and Notices

E-statements give you access to up to 12 months worth of account statements that you can view, print, or even save to your local computer. An email will be sent out whenever a statement is generated. The statement is not attached to the email but is inside the home banking site. We even share in the savings of not having to mail your statements to you, so read through your choices and make your selection.

Bill Pay

CU*EasyPay! bill payment allows you to pay bills online through a relationship with CheckFree. You can easily enroll by clicking on the Pay My Bills button at the top of the screen. You are automatically logged in, no additional password is required. We have an online demo that is very user friendly and will point out all of the key features available. Just go to www.cuanswers.com/cu_easypay.php and the online demonstration link is in the middle of the page. Then click on the purple box to launch the demo. This is a free service if you use it after you sign up for it. Otherwise, there will be an inactive user fee assessed.

Quicken Download

The Account Downloads feature lets you select account transactions and create a special file that can be read by popular personal financial management software. You can choose to launch the application or save the file and import it at a later date. You must have Microsoft Money 99 or newer or Intuit Quicken version ’99 through 2004.

Home Computer Security

It is not recommended that you allow your computer to “remember” your passwords. This can allow anyone with access to your PC to look at your account information without your knowledge. This is controlled by your browser and can easily be disabled, even if it has already memorized some of your passwords. Follow these steps to clear all passwords from your browser’s settings:

  1. From the Tools menu, choose Internet Options
  2. Click the Content tab
  3. Click AutoComplete
  4. Make sure the “User names and passwords on forms” feature is unchecked
  5. Click Clear Passwords (click OK to confirm when prompted)
  6. Click OK until returned to your browser

Always make sure you have current virus protection software and that it is scheduled to run on a regular basis. Doing a system scan to begin will tell you if anything is already on your system.