Great Lakes Federal Credit Union members have enjoyed many years of rich longevity in the Great Lakes Bay Region. Our consolidated membership dates back to 1936 beginning with Wolverine Knitting Mills and celebrated its 80th year anniversary in September of 2016! Our charter began in June of 1963 as Bay City Mercy Hospital and our Core Employer Group is still Bay Regional Medical Center. Our credit union has had a myriad of mergers and name changes over the years all of the while maintaining the philosophy of people helping people. We are democratically controlled and operated and have members on our board of directors, all successful businessmen in their own fields. Decisions continue to be based on the safety and soundness in working with your money.

The staff take pride in our local community and support both, financially and through volunteerism, the Bay Medical Foundation, the Helen M Nickless Volunteer Clinic, and the Saginaw Naval Ship Museum to name a few. We have maintained our employer base in Bay City in the Medical and Industrial fields, and community based in Birch Run. Today we are over 150 employer groups in diverse fields including healthcare, industrial, engineering, manufacturing, dealerships, hotels and restaurants, and provide financial services, cooperative lending and financial education training on a variety of topics. Now, with our new name change anyone can join our credit union.

September 30, 1936 Wolverine Knitting Mills Federal Credit Union

March 21, 1953 Bay City Shovels Federal Credit Union

March, 1953 Industrial Brownhoist Employees Federal Credit Union

July 1954 DeFoe Employees Federal Credit Union

January 2, 1956 Valley Welding – Calcinator Employees Federal Credit Union

August 1961 Bay Osteopathic Hospital Credit Union

June 25, 1963 Bay City Mercy Hospital Credit Union

August 31, 1965 Name Change: Industrial Brownhoist Federal Credit Union to I.B. Credit Union

February 18, 1969 Name Change: Bay City Mercy Hospital Credit Union to Bay Medical Credit Union

March 1, 1969 MERGER: Bay Osteopathic Hospital Credit Union with Bay Medical Credit Union

April 1, 1971 MERGER: Bay City Shovels with Industrial Brownhoist

July 1, 1972 MERGER: Samaritan Hospital, General Hospital with Bay Medical

March 13, 1975 Name Change: I.B. Credit Union to Industrial Business Credit Union

April 1, 1977 MERGER: DeFoe Employees Federal Credit Union with Bay Medical Credit Union

October 1, 1981 MERGER: Wolverine Knitting Mills with Industrial Business Credit Union

June 1, 1983 MERGER: Valley Calcinator Employees Federal Credit Union with Industrial Business Cr Un

September 17, 1985 Name Change: Bay Medical Credit Union to Healthcare Family Credit Union

May 19, 1986 Birch Run Area Credit Union

April 1, 1988 MERGER: Industrial Business Credit Union with Healthcare Family Credit Union

April 12, 1994 Name Change: Healthcare Family Credit Union to Credit Union Plus

November 1, 2002 MERGER: Birch Run Area Credit Union with Credit Union Plus

July 10, 2017  Name Change: Great Lakes Federal Credit Union

Our Credit Unions were chartered by the employees for the employees as lending cooperatives among themselves. We are a low cost credit union, returning value by lower fees and lower loan rates with favorable terms. We have three convenient physical locations and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access through home banking, the PLUS LINE audio response, debit card, credit card and direct deposit.