Consumer Loans

Your credit union is a democratically controlled lending cooperative. This means your deposits primary source of investment is in loans to the membership. We care about your need for financing and work to give same day approvals, discounts and affordable insurance options. We reward your loyalty by giving up to a .50% consumer loan rate discount which does not apply to VISA or mortgages. Because we run specials from time to time as a very low rate, they also are exempt from receiving an additional discount.
A .50% rate discount applies when you have the following:

  • Auto funds transfer

As long as you meet the criteria when you signed for the loan advance and maintain the relationship, you will see a reduction in your principal every month. Just like an extra payment.

Loan Rates - Effective Sunday, January 20, 2019
Loan TypeRates as low asTerms/Information

* NOTE: Rates shown are the best rates available and vary based on credit score and relationship pricing discount earned. Credit score and debt ratio also determines the down payment required for financing.

Share Secured Loans

Your shares with us can also be used as collateral on a loan at a very minimal charge. Any funds with the exception of IRA funds can be used. Your loan advance can be processed in a matter of minutes and you would be able to keep your savings intact. Your loan payments can be amortized for 15 years with a maximum loan term of three years. The rate is only 3.0% over the corresponding deposit and interest rate.

Loan Insurance Options

When you are interested in life insurance, you generally want your debts to be covered. Credit life does just that. The insurance is purchased for the specific loan, with the premium added to the loan each month depending on the current balance and ends when the loan is paid off. Disability insurance can be purchased the same way. The cost is minimal compared to the peace of mind you leave your family.

We have partnered with Member’s Choice to provide Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) on automobile loans. This low cost policy can be financed into your auto loan to provide adequate protection in the event of a total loss on your vehicle.

Our extended warranty is a real bargain. This can be purchased for most vehicles five years old or less.

So before you sign on the dotted line at the dealerships, let the credit union really save you some money by pricing out the warranty and insurance products as we look out for your best interests.


Our VISA program was started in 1987 and has provided stable rates and terms. The interest rate is 12.6% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) but, we have a beneficial 25 day grace period, so if you paid your account in full with every statement mailing, there are zero interest charges. Our late fee is a low $25.00 and payments can be made at the credit union or on line on our home banking page, with credit showing on your VISA within 24 hours. So get out from under all the ups and downs of the teaser rate cards and apply today knowing exactly what it will cost you. To report your VISA card lost or stolen, please call 1-800-890-5097.