Youth Center

With the scams and fraud prevalent in every day life, we want to partner with you in educating our youth to help them build good habits at an early age. Our youth newsletters are age specific and give our younger members a fun way to learn. The “Partnering with Parent” loan product allows them to build credit and good credit habits at the same time.

So if this sounds like a good thing, stop by our offices to open the account by bringing in the following:

  • If 16 or under, a guardian must be joint on the account
  • Two forms of ID, such as a birth certificate, student picture ID, driver’s permit, social security card
  • Parental consent is required for a youth loan.

We have three club savings and learning plans to help reinforce good savings habits and have fun at the same time. Savings is tracked by use of punch cards and completed cards will be entered into quarterly drawings for gift cards. We believe your child will benefit in many ways by becoming savers early on in life.

  • PENNIES A DAY CLUB – thru Age 7
  • DOLLAR WISE CLUB – 8 – 12 years
  • TEEN SENSE – 13 to 17 years
  • Partnering With Parents Loan
Pennies a Day Club
Upon opening an account you will receive a punch card to be used every time you deposit money into your account. Your card has 10 punch slots on it. Every time you visit us and deposit at least $5.00, your card will be punched. There are gifts to choose from each time your card is filled.
Be sure to check out the Newsletter for fun facts, quizs, work problems, and many more tips and jokes.
So come into any one of our branches and get started.
Dollar Wise Club
Upon opening an account or graduating from the ‘Pennies a Day Club’ you will receive a backpack and a punch card with 15 slots on it. Then every time you visit us and deposit $10.00, we will punch your card. When your punch card is completed, you will receive a FREE gift.
Check out the Newsletter for fun facts and activities.  There you will find tips on saving and making money, budgeting and spending smartly, and guidelines on borrowing money.
Teen Sense
A punch card with 20 slots will be your ticket to earning a FREE gift upon completion. Each visit with a minimum deposit of $20.00 will earn you a punch.
Need advice for college funding, or job hunting? The quarterly Newsletter is a source for money management, smart saving and spending, and how to build credit. You can find help for completing a job application, preparing for an interview and how to act on the job.
Planning for after High School can be scary. We show you the choices you have and provide links to financial aid sites.
So for fun facts and games, or serious thought about finances and your future, check us out.
‘Partnering With Parents’ Loan
Our youth loan for ages 14 to 18 can help you with your financial situation while helping you build good borrowing and savings habits at the same time! Good credit is determined by capacity, capital and character. We will be glad to explain the benefit of good habits.
You can borrow between $100 and $500 for:
  • Prom
  • Yearbook
  • Musical Instrument
  • Summer job expenses such as a new bike or lawnmower
  • Skateboard
  • Laptop
  • Or whatever your needs are…
There are two requirements. As long as you have income, whether it be babysitting money, allowance or summer lawn mowing, you can apply.   You will also need a working parent to co-sign with you. Give us a call to make an appointment today.