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Fee Schedule

Effective March 1, 2023


Account Service Fees
Account Research Fee (hourly)$35.00
Auto Transfer Fee to Cover Overdrafts$5.00
Dormant Account Monthly Fee$10.00
Escheat Account Fee$50.00
Foreign item Collection Fee$45.00
Legal or Tax Levy Fee$50.00
Printout of Monthly Account (per page)$1.00
Returned Mail Fee$5.00
Skip-A-Pay Fee (Online)$25.00
Skip-A-Pay Fee (In Branch)$35.00
ACH Transactions
ACH Non-sufficient Funds$25.00
ACH Stop Payment$25.00
Release ACH Stop Payment$5.00
Per transaction charge after five (5) free transactions per month$1.00
Overdrawn Fee$25.00
ATM Inquiry$2.00
ATM Debit Replacement Card$10.00
Money Order$2.00
Travel Cards$7.00
Reload Travel Card$3.00
ATM Debit Card Rush Order Fee$30.00
Gift Cards$3.00
Money Market Accounts
Below Minimum $5,000 (per month)$5.00
Excess of four (4) withdrawal fee per withdrawal$10.00
Below Minimum $10,000 (per month)$10.00
Excess of six (6) withdrawal fee per withdrawal$20.00
Share Draft/Checking
NSF Returned Check Fee$25.00
Check Copy Fee$5.00
Overdraft Transfer from Alternate Account$5.00
Stop Payment Fee$25.00
Release Stop Payment$5.00
Share Savings
Closing Withdrawal Fee (within 90 days of opening)$25.00
Account Reopening Fee (within 12 months of closing)$25.00
Statement Copy Fee (per page)$1.00
Deposited Item Return Fee (NSF, Endorsement, etc)$20.00
Monthly Low Balance Fee (minimum to avoid $10.00)$3.00
Teller Checks
Teller Check$2.00
Stop Payment Fee (check cannot be reissued for 90 days)$25.00
Remove Stop Payment Fee$5.00
Wire Transfers
Outgoing Domestic Wire$25.00
Incoming Wire$5.00