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We celebrate our members’ financial success.


We celebrate by understanding that each member may have a different definition of financial success. We will strive to understand each member’s definition, and work with them within prudent industry standards, to help them achieve their goals.

Being a member of Great Lakes Federal Credit Union means more than just celebrating your financial success. It means joining a team that is always on your side and will strive to help you make the best decisions for situations that come your way. We will help you discover your worth, because you’re worth celebrating!

Membership in Great Lakes Federal Credit Union makes you a part owner of our lending cooperative which allows you to take advantage of the services we offer. Since our members are the owners of the credit union, this means that profits we make go right back into improving the institution for everyone.

Benefits of Membership at GLFCU:

  • Access to great rates and low or no fees.
  • Rate rebates for setting up automatic payment on consumer loans.
  • Access to a dedicated team that is passionate about helping improve your definition of financial success.
  • Seamless banking technology that allows you to easily access and manage your accounts digitally wherever you are at any time of the day.

Membership Requirements:

Membership with Great Lakes Federal is open to anyone who lives, works, or worships in the following:

  • Bay County
  • Gladwin County
  • Midland County
  • Tuscola County
  • Birch Run Township
  • Taymouth Township

To become a member and part owner you or an existing member of your family need to meet one of the qualifications above and open a share account at any of our offices with a $10.00 deposit.

An unexpired government-issued ID that contains a photograph and must have your current address, along with the $10.00 needed to open the account.